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11-17 MarchSanto Antão, Cape Verde

The Power of the Heart!

Are you longing to follow the voice of your heart? To learn to find your inner power, to give your body and mind the nourishment needed to live a healthy life? We have created a yoga week in Santo Antão (Cape Verde) high up in the mountains among tropical plants, fantastic climate and with a lot of wonderful yoga, food and excursions. Read more below.

Program of the week

Day 1 
Arrival in São Vicente. Departure by boat from São Vicente to Santo Antão in the afternoon. When we arrive in Santo Antão, we will be picked up by taxi that will take us to our cozy yoga hotel. There will be time to settle in. The first yoga session is a soft, empathetic and wonderful workout that is adapted to the long journey, so that you land in the body and feel safe & calm. After yoga, there will be a welcome dinner where we welcome everyone to the retreat.

Day 2 
We start the morning in awareness and silence out on our terrace among the mountains and tropical greenery. The morning yoga session is a loving yoga session that is soft with a lot of strength. After yoga, breakfast is served, and we continue all day in silence. After breakfast we go for a silent meditation up the mountain of Xoxo next to the hotel. When we return, a good lunch is served in silence. After lunch, there is free time to read, enjoy, reflect and just be with yourself. We break the silence at dinner time and exchange the impressions of the day. The evening ends with a Qigong session that helps us balance the energy and distribute it to mind and body.

Day 3 
We start the morning with a wonderful energizing yoga session. After yoga, a delicious breakfast is served that we enjoy together. After breakfast we head by car up the mountains of Corda for a longer excursion. On the top of the mountain we hike and mediate. When we return to our oasis, lunch and a nice Yin yoga session awaits. Dinner is served under the stars and to the sound of the birds' beautiful song. We end the evening with a heart-opening cocoa ceremony.

Day 4
The morning starts with an Ayurvedic yoga class. After yoga, a lecture on the basics of Ayurveda follows. We cook an Ayurvedic lunch that we enjoy together in the exotic environment under the banana and papaya trees. In the afternoon, you will learn and practice different breathing techniques, followed by a wonderful yoga session that gives a lot of laughter and joy. The yoga ends with a meditation. Dinner is served after yoga.

Day 5
Early in the morning we set off by taxi to watch the sun rise on the horizon in a magically beautiful place, a place that will remain in your heart. We do yoga and meditate on the rocks next to the waves of the sea. We enjoy our breakfast as we look out over the sea. Then we head to the local town of Ribeira Grande where we stroll around the narrow streets. We visit the market, do some shopping and experience the local life with all African colours, rhythms and local settings. When we get home, lunch and rest await. In the afternoon there will be a physical yoga session. The evening ends with dinner and an evening ceremony.

Day 6 
It is a real luxury day for your further relaxation. Choose to start the day with a massage treatment or an Ayurvedic consultation. Today it will be yoga de lux. All meals are served at the hotel with an extra touch of luxury. We end the evening with a Grand final at Ponta del Sol to see the sunset and cherish our lovely union at a local café.

Day 7
Departure. If you travel with TAP (Via Portugal at 13:30), you need to be on the boat that leaves Santo Antão at 08:00. We leave the hotel at 06:00 going by taxi to the port and continue by boat to São Vicente. We bring breakfast from the hotel that we eat on the boat.

Price for the whole week (Excluding flights and Visa)
Double room 725 Euro
Singel room 775 Euro

9 yoga sessions
1 Qigong session
4 Meditation sessions
Different breathing techniques
1 lecture "the basics of Ayurveda"
1 Ayurvedic cooking
1 Optional treatment (Choose between Ayurvedic consultation,Marma points treatment, healing or Yoga massage)
1 bottle of water per day
1 Mountain walk
1 Excursion to see the sunrise next to the sea
1 excursion to the local market
1 excursion to Ponta del Sol to see the sunset. A visit to a local cafe
2 ceremonies
6 breakfasts
6 lunches
6 dinners
Round boat trip between São Vicente and Santo Antão. Taxi to the hotel and back to the boat. Daily there is herbal tea to enjoy.

Your place is reserved when the registration fee is paid (215 Euro).

The price does not include flights, visa or possibly overnight stay on the way to and from São Vicente (VXE).
We recommend that you book flights immediately to find good flight prices. (Air Portugal)

Visa can be purchased digitally before departure or when you landed.

Started her journey with yoga in 2008. Jeanette is a trained Virya yoga teacher at the Nordic Yoga Institute. Certified Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant with Dr. Sangeeta at Yogayama, Health advisor, Ayurvedic massage therapist and Panchakarma therapist at Scandinavian Ayurveda Academy. Jeanette has also deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda in India both theoretically and practically at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in Aluva and she is also educated at the Axelsons Institute in Stockholm. Jeanette has done several yoga retreats over the past 5 years. Jeanette is driven by helping people find home to their heart with the help of yoga, meditation and the right lifestyle. Read more about Jeanette here

Julis is  an experienced yoga teacher (RYT 300) who travels all over the world and leads yoga. Julia started as a yoga practitioner over 20 years ago. She was looking for something that could help her find a method of relaxation during her pregnancy. During the last decade, she has completed studies at the Marianne Wells yoga school in Costa Rica, the Rasayana Medical Center of Ayurveda in Sweden and learned several different massage techniques. Julia is driven by desire to be able to support her students in finding their own path to improved health. Julia has been living in Cape Verde for 5 years. Read more about Julia here

We are both experienced and enthusiastic yoga teachers who will take care of you in the absolute best way. What we do, we do with heart, a lot of warmth and of course with a lot of joy.

A warm welcome to us!

Santo Antão

Located in the North Western part of the archipelago. Cape Verde is an old Portuguese ex colony that is independent since 1975. Santo Antão is truly a tropical oasis with lovely mountains, great hiking, tropical vegetation, natural waterfalls and agriculture.
If you choose to combine the trip with staying a few extra days, we recommend you to stay in Mindelo. There you can enjoy fine white sandy beach, local street music, diving etc.

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